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The Heal To Transform Podcast

Mar 27, 2019

“You have value, your feelings matter, and they’re telling you something.” - Stephani Roberts

We are wired for connection and a great group of friends are needed more now than ever. In this day and age of digital connection the rate of loneliness is higher than ever!

The problem is, making and keeping great friends as an adult can be tough. We end up becoming friends with our kids’ friends’ parents and whoever happens to live next to us. Which can be a blessing or a curse.

So, when is it time to lean in to a friendship or when is it time to opt-out of a friendship that may not be serving you.

Stephani Roberts, walks us through: 

  • A 3 part process for getting rid of toxic friendships, 
  • How to bring in new friendships that are supportive, loving and uplifting, and
  • You’ll also understand how to deal with friends how are overly needy, or not being the type of friend you need them to be.

We open up a lot of great conversations here and you’ll gain so much about how to tune in to yourself in order to gain an awesome support circle of amazing friends.



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Steph Roberts is an avid lifelong learner and spiritual seeker. She's a podcast host shining the spotlight on women freeing themselves from emotional abuse and finding a way to heal and thrive on their terms. She's a Digital Content Strategist who works with experts, coaches, and spiritual healers to Amplify their Authority online via podcast guesting and strategic repurposing of content.


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