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The Heal To Transform Podcast

Feb 20, 2019

You need to feel cherished & adored in your relationship.

The problem is that improving your communication, thinking more positively, or weekly date nights aren’t working. And every relationship is so different that one relationship “fix” isn’t going to work for another.

Luckily, I’ve identified 6 universal mistakes that most women make in their relationships, which are holding you back from feeling adored and cherished.

Stop making these mistakes, and you’ll see the passion come flooding back into your relationship. You’ll notice that he looks at you with a new adoration, and you’ll feel more supported and loved than ever before.

In Episode 22 of the Heal To Transform podcast, you will...

  • Discover why communication isn’t the problem (and what to focus on instead)
  • Learn how you may be putting unneeded pressure on yourself, your partner, and your relationship and how this is actually pushing him away.
  • Why I don’t do date nights, yet still keep the passion alive!
  • Finally let go of resentments, so that you can start rebuilding your relationship from a positive foundation.


6 Reasons You Don’t Feel Cherished In Your Relationship (MindBodyGreen)

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