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The Heal To Transform Podcast

Oct 14, 2019

At some point in our lives we all feel we’ve lost the passion in our lives. We get overwhelmed, stressed, and we try to take care of ourselves and our health….

….but most women tend to ignore ONE huge thing that can truly change your life…our mental wellness!

When we don’t take time to take care of our minds and brains we end up with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, sickness, and a general hopelessness.

So, over the next three podcast episodes, I’m going to be sharing with you a simple 3-step daily practice that takes less than 15 minutes a day and will ensure that your brain is in tip top shape. 

If you’re struggling with ANY of these things….

  • Can’t sleep, 
  • feel anxious and stressed, 
  • lose patience quickly, 
  • brain fog, 
  • feel angry, 
  • sad and get stuck in pessimistic thinking, 
  • attention is bad, 
  • can’t think straight, 
  • memory and learning go down, 
  • people are annoying, 
  • bad things keep happening
  • Overwhelm
  • Crappy relationships
  • Constantly sick

...then you don’t want to miss this 3-part series on training your brain to create more peace, joy and fulfillment in your life!

In this podcast you will...

  • Discover how stress is killing you and what to do about it. 
  • Learn a simple 3-minute daily habit that will make you feel more positivity, more connected to others, and will help you enjoy each day more!
  • Hear how heart failure patients lowered their inflammation and felt more gratitude and hopeful with one simple mind exercise. 
  • Get my secrets to upleveling any gratitude practice (aka gratitude on steroids!)

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