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The Heal To Transform Podcast

Jul 3, 2019

Why is loneliness one of the biggest epidemics in the world? 


In this episode of the Heal to Transform podcast - we have a simple answer to this impossible problem….we’ll also answer some of your other common challenges such as: 


Why do I have to work so hard to change myself and my partner isn’t doing anything. 


My partner and I are growing apart - we’re just not in love any more. 


I’m changing and he’s not, and it causing problems and disconnection in our relationship.


This episode is possibly one of the most mind-bending and relatable podcasts even made Wendy tear up...because it touched her so deeply. 


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This podcast is for anyone who wants to do better, be better, and love more...


  • Our culture is directly responsible for the epidemic of loneliness - and you can start to change this with one simple act!!
  • Which stage of growth and transformation are you in? 
  • Why we push others away when they aren’t doing what we want them to - and how to change this. 
  • And one poignant statement that brought Wendy to tears and shifted her completely.

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This weeks question is:

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