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Love.Heal.Transform. Podcast

Jun 12, 2019

We all have an inner critic that we must learn to work with so it doesn’t work against us.

The problem is if we try to ignore the inner critic, it will just get louder and louder. Keeping us stuck in guilt, shame, unworthiness, and sabotaging our relationships and our deepest desires and goals.

In this podcast, we’ve identified the FOUR TRUTHS that you must understand if you want to finally quiet that nagging inner critic, and start using it’s power for good.

Once you understand these four truths, you will be armed with a powerful tool for working with your inner critic instead of it working against you. You’ll finally be released from it’s sabotaging clutches and will learn to live with inner peace and confidence.

In this podcast you will...

  • Understand why ignoring your inner critic may be the worst mistake you could make, and what to do instead.
  • Discover how humor can help you to disconnect from the inner critic and can quickly bring you back to inner peace (& laughter).
  • Learn how the inner critic is holding you back in life and may be interfering with your relationships and your successes.
  • Learn the ONE LINER that will instantly quiet your inner critic so that you can relax again and continue in your success!

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