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The Heal To Transform Podcast

May 29, 2019

Is it possible to transform your marriage in 25-minutes? (without your partner even knowing?)

Passionate, loving relationships ARE NOT created by learning great communication, weekly date nights, or mastering “secret” intimacy skills.

Because even if you know all of these things, you usually don’t do them.  

We’re smart women - we know we’re not “supposed” to nag or scream at our husband.

We know we’re not “supposed” to think he’s a lazy, selfish jerk.

We know we’re not “supposed” to imagine how our lives and marriages would be so much better if he would just change (or magically become Channing Tatum)

We know we’re “supposed” to say things like “I feel…” and “So, what I heard was…”

We know we can’t control our husbands - but, boy, do we try!

It’s not your fault.

Your brain isn’t wired for passionate, healthy and happy relationships.

Your brain is wired to protect you. And it will do whatever it can to keep any potential rejection or pain far, far away.

Your brain will do some extreme things to keep you safe - stuff like trying to control your partner, tricking you to believe there’s something better out there, unleashing the anger, and telling you not to trust or fully love your partner - because eventually...he’ll hurt you.

Unfortunately, all of these tactics are the exact thing creating distance, resentment, and unhappiness in relationships.

And, until we reprogram our brain to realize that it’s safe to fully committing to and deeply loving our partners - we’ll continue to push the passion away.

We’ll continue to stay disconnected, and feel like roommates.

So, what if you could teach your brain how to react with love, how to create passion, and how to let go of blame, control and resentments?

What if you could do this in less than 25-minutes, even if the relationship’s been struggling for years?

Join me for my free, 25-Minute Relationship Reboot. Your chance to reprogram your relationship mindset using the 5 simple steps I teach inside my paid program.

These 5-steps can help you fix any relationship challenge, and will also help you to feel more loved, adored and appreciated.

Is your marriage and happiness worth 25-minutes of your time?

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