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Love.Heal.Transform. Podcast

Dec 19, 2018

If you ever feel anxiety, stress or overwhelm….if you ever feel like your brain has been taken over by the negative thought aliens and you can’t stop the running reel in your head saying, “I’m not good enough, I can’t do this, I’ll never get through this, I CAN’T HANDLE THIS ANYMORE!, What’s wrong with me!

Then this episode of the Heal To Transform Podcast is for you.

Tune it to learn:

  • How to stop the monkey brain of negative thoughts that keeps you up at night, and make your heart race and your mind spin.
  • What’s going on in your brain and body to cause anxiety and stress and more importantly - how to put an end to it.
  • The FIVE simple questions you need to ask yourself in order to have a more peaceful mind & life.
  • A quick 20 second exercise that will stop anxiety in it’s tracks.
  • Why anxiety is actually protecting you….and how to start using your anxiety to heal yourself from past hurts and emotional wounds.
  • And Much More….

If you want to feel more peace, release the anxiety and stress, and create true transformation in your life, this is a must-listen episode!

You won’t find this information anywhere else!

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