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Love.Heal.Transform. Podcast

Nov 28, 2018

You know you really, really need to set stronger boundaries in your relationships, at work, and with your friends and family…

But you have no clue what to say. How to actually do it!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone would just give you an exact script of what to say in all those difficult situations.

You would know exactly why to say to get your co-worker to stop leaving their shit on your desk.

You had the exact words to tell your partner that you will no longer accept their cruel words.

You knew how to tell your overly needy friend “No” - you cannot spend 15 hours helping her clean her house this weekend.

What if you had a guide...a playbook of sorts that told you exactly what to say in all of these situations and more!?

You don’t even need to think...all you have to do is read from a script and set a brand, new healthy boundary (& transform yourself & your relationships)!!

If this sounds completely amazing, then dive into Episode 10 of the Heal To Transform Podcast where we tell you exactly what to say and when to say it - so you can start setting healthy boundaries today!!

There also may be a FREEBIE BOUNDARY PLAYBOOK GUIDE available...that tells you exactly what to say...and when to say it!! Learn more & get your free guide here: